The Distillation of Rainwater for Many Processes

The practicing herbal worker will need plenty of high-quality water from a quality, reliable, known source. Whether submersion of ash to realize our salts for our remedies to washing flasks and lab equipment, good water needs to be inadequate supply as our works progress.

We may also use water as a solvent in our extractions. We can water down solvents like ethyl alcohol, creating the necessary ratio for essences. The list increases for the need for good quality purified water. Of course, we could choose to use tap water. Still, the quality will always be questionable, not to mention added chemicals and constant re-processing. Tap water is not conducive to remedies for health and well-being.

I personally only believe in the use of collected rainwater that has not been in contact with metal or the ground. For this, we are going to need the correct setup for collection. More on this topic I wish to share in future posts. We distill our collected rainwater under low heat; steam distillation is always best. This way, we have complete control of procuring pure water for our processes.

The collected rainwater should pass, which tests no EC on an Electro Conductivity meter, which means no heavy metals or contaminants. Should we wish to drink distilled rainwater for health reasons, it is wise to remember that our distilled rainwater, or any distilled water for that matter, will strip the body of essential minerals. So should we use distilled water for drinking we balance it with a pinch of good quality sea salt?

We'll be coming across many uses for good quality distilled water again and again as we explore more workings.