Hawthorne Tincture.

An effective heart remedy.

Hawthorne Tincture Creation of a Hawthorne Essence. Herb picked from a local tree. Hawthorne Essence has a mars correspondence. Hawthorne Essence is reputed to be beneficial to the heart. I have had sound effects using this to alleviate palpitations. I have endeavored to explain as best as possible the methodology and praxis the way I work Herbal "Solve et Coagula. " The separation and recombination of the elements and principles are a complete Spiritual Medicine, unlike other practices which leave out aspects of the plant, namely the salts " the body aspect. "The salts of the Hawthorne Essence are added back into the tincture spirit working this way. Into the spirit sulfur combination. Through this, we realize the symbolic idea of the Hermetic wedding through the re-integration of elements and their unity. A new being is created free from all that is not necessary. These unnecessary ultimately hinder the perfect expression of the Hawthorne Essence.
I hope this work inspires others on the path. It gives one the impetus to begin their exploration into herbal " Solve et Coagula." Hawthorne Spagyric Essences made this way have very beneficial healing qualities for the organism.
I will add more information on this matter over time.

Now we must decide to charge our talisman with ritual or not.

We may think this is the culmination of the work

Many lab operators I know suggest that a working such as the "Solve et coagula" of a chosen herb achieves an Essence although not complete. I would therefore like to plant a seed in your minds. May I suggest that our essence is not alive in the strictest sense of the word? Through ritual simple or complex, we can charge the work. We can ritually charge our Hawthorne Essence to a planetary influence. I have not mentioned this in this post as the work is repetitive enough. I do work Astrologically and will be making a post on the subject. We can also use a drop of our blood and add this to our Hawthorne essence. We should remember that the work should not be shared with others as it now becomes personalized to our unique genetic signature. Doing this will charge our work with an aspect of ourselves though I stress the work is already very much a part of ourselves through the meditation and physical work attributed to it. Imagine this energetic charged many times through ritual. I make no claims whatsoever to being an adept. I choose to enliven up my work with prayer, correspondences, and ritual theatricals. Don't worry this method is not witchcraft or anything sinister as we perform many rituals every day are probably unaware. Even making a cup of tea in the morning has ritualistic elements attached to it. Choice of teabag, cup, time of making it, what milk we use. These are all conscious choices that affect the outcome of our cuppa. Ever been in someones home and been offered a cup of tea only to think yikes nowhere near as palatable as the ones I make. That's because the effect of choice and careful selection of the elements that make in my mind anyway the perfect cup of tea of our choice. We need to spend some time thinking over this and giving it some meditation time. Ultimately the decision is yours. I will talk more about this and how I work my lab work in a later post.