Using astrology within Spagyric herbal practice.

Astrology and correspondence. Helpers in our herbal works

Astrology and its use in medicine is an ancient practice. It was an essential aspect of healing up until around the 17th century. Medical practitioners would consult astrology charts to look for fortunate or unfortunate influences and match them to their herbal knowledge, thus creating effective cures. We should consider Astrology's importance when making Essences, elixirs, or any products for healing and re-integration.
Astrology as an Arte is now seeing a slow revival. Although not recognized to any degree of seriousness in modern mainstream medicine or culture. Investigation into Astrology's connection to human anatomy uncovers some surprising information regarding the Macrocosm and Microcosm. Wo/Man's outer and inner harmony and order of balance reflected from the above we perceive as the Universe outside of ourselves to the down below, to ourselves. The so-called us ourselves, the Microcosm, is projected out as an appearance. This appearance becomes the actors playing out their roles on the stage we know as life. Our interaction as beings here on Earth.