Dandelion for health and wealth

Chickweed Essence. Making herbal essences.

Chickweed Essence made under correspondence Moon. Correctly made herbal essences are far superior to tinctures. Herbal essences incorporate the entire spectrum as regards the three essentials. The three essentials are necessary to apply the principle solve et coagula correctly. In Solve et Coagula, i.e., separation and recombination of elements and principles, we ensure that we rightly apply the stages relating to our Arte, creating refined principles, spiritual some may say. We do this for good cause, that being a successful final union. This final union is the circulation. This allows the three principles to be combined energetically. More on this in another post.
The practical working of Solve et Coagula can take many months, depending on how we work and how far we take the stages. The elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are separated and purified. Then we add them back together and using the skills of the Arte realize the purified Essence of the herb in question.
The descriptions that follow apply to making herbal essences. However minerals, and metals while being in a different class have the same underlying principles regarding manufacture.Herbal Essences are not only medicines on a physical level. They are also spiritual allies. We can work from a planetary perspective using astrology to assist our operations.
As an added note to those who shun the ideas that planets do not affect us, I want to add this. Suppose one believes that the giant orbs above do not affect us mere mortals or our lives. Let's contemplate the power of the life-giving Sun. The control the Moon over tides of the sea, the oceans within our bodies. Remember the metals we need to ingest in food for good health, so too in the drinks, we consume. All have a relationship to planets—the tools we use daily or those for the big industry are all made of metals. Even Great Kings and Queens had personal astrologers. Great Nations have consulted astrology for World affairs in the past.
Maybe the Planets do have more influence over our lives than we give due credit—food for thought