Dandelion Essence. The Arte of Solve et Coagula.

Dandelion Essence. We're lucky in the UK; dandelions are abundant. They grow here twice a year, with the first growth in springtime and another in late August. In the Arte of Solve et Coagula, the salts are kept and used. Unlike other ways of working with herbs that tend to discard them. The Dandelion Essence in this post retained the salts. I added the salt back into the Sulphur Spirit and distilled them seven times. I separated the three principles, Salt, Sulphur, and spirit, from the herb. These principles are purified the recombined; hence Solve = separate, coagula = combine.
Once the principles are purified, we added them back to the tincture spirit. If we think about this for a moment, we will understand that the same materials are present as when we started.The whole plant has been divided into its constituents, were purified then recombined. The difference now is that they are in a purified state.This purified change of state is essential in creating effective Essences.
We could use the stages of the work as meditations. These meditations project into the lab operations the Alchemical Axiom of as above so below. The operators mind being the above. The matters in flasks and retorts the below. We can should we wish use the stages of the physical work as deep healing experiences through meditation work. Imagining we are experiencing the stages. Our matter in the flasks and retorts is now exalted. Once we ingest these into our body, we may experience the subtle effects of exaltation on the body and mind. Through the Dandelion Essence method, the operator actively participates in assisting nature in unfolding the best expression possible of the herbs essentials.
I hope my way of explaining this allows others to realize the Essence excels over less exalted potions and medicines. Circulation provides the condition of repetition and heat to marry our three principles in the most efficient way possible.

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