Lavender plant stone correspondence

Lavender Herbal basic plant stone

Lavender Herbal basic plant stone is a similar way of working that I have shared in my many previous posts. The main difference is that while essences are mainly liquid, the plant stone is a more fixed version, as I am sharing here. That means it uses the salts body aspect" as its basis. We still need the same three essentials, but the ratio of salt to sulfur and spirit is are not the same. In this Lavender spagyric stone-based work, the salts override the volatiles. These are another way of working with herbs that give solid herbal concoctions in the lab. We still use Astrology which provides it with its planetary aspects. We still work to separate the essentials into their purified parts. This particular work I share here has been going on for several years.

Lavender spagyric stone. Essential oil Lavender plant stone essential oil

The lavender plant stone begins with the harvesting of the herb at a chosen astrological timing. Then we distill off the volatile oils. Lavender is rich and generous in giving over these oils to the lab operator. The lavender plant stone must have three essentials for its creation. These are oil, its sulfur, a salt, its body, and a spirit. We must remember that these elements are not the lavender herb's actual body, spirit, and soul for the spagyric stone. They are vehicles or expressions of the idea mind can use to create a new being. We can link the concepts to the spiritual philosophy using them.

Lavender spagyric stone. Lots of oil Lavender spagyric stone. Good quantity of oil

Lavender gives a generous quantity of oil for the Lavender spagyric plant stone. Lavender gives a generous quantity of oil for the Lavender spagyric plant stone. Lavender is an excellent herb for beginners to work with due to its generosity in oils. Lavender has many beneficial qualities for health. I have been a big fan of Lavender for many years. It is easy to grow in our gardens, so we can rest assured of using the best fertilizers and harvesting techniques. Not only that, we can be around the herb, which helps forge a relationship with Lavender.

Fermenting the mark for the Lavender Stone Fermenting the mark for the Lavender Stone

Fermenting the mark for the Lavender Stone, Once we have received the oil for imbibition is the next phase. We must ferment the dead herb to realize a spirit and the Earth and fixed sulfurs. This fermentation uses no sugar or yeast, but only nature lends its hand. We seal the vessel and place it somewhere in the warm. The breakdown of the elements realizes the chaos. The absolute destruction of its physical constitution abounds new expressions in elements earth, air, fire, and water from the chaos. We will use these elements through refinement to realize the lavender spagyric stone in its simplest form.

Distillation for three essentials Now we distill to separate our essentials

Distillation separates the fermented fractions. We need three essentials and four elements for the Lavender spagyric plant stone. The spirit animates the body, and the sulfur is its personality. The salt is the fixed vehicle for the three to express through as form. If humans become conscious through the expression of a body, spirit, and soul, what can we say for such a thing born out of this lab work? These are the meditations the lab operator investigates in the Spagyric anatomy.

spagyric plant stone fixed Sulphur honey Spagyric plant stone fixed Sulphur honey

After distillation to obtain a spirit, a thick honey-like tar is in the distillation vessel. If we use a herb with too much volatile essential oil, we may use this fixed sulfur. This fixed oil will create a Lavender spagyric with a more static nature. In effect, it produces a medicine with a more fixed quality. Fixed treatments worked on longer-term issues as opposed to volatile ones. Volatiles work quickly but are shorter-lived; they are suitable for shorter-term issues.

Calcine the dead body for the Salts Calcine the dead body for the Salts

It is time to calcine the dead herb's mark, now devoid of spirit and soul, its spirit and sulfurs. For the calcination, we use a direct intense heat source. We need to break down this herb to rid it of all that is unnecessary. In doing so, we realize a light grey or even white ash. This ash holds the salts, and we must free these salts with the water wheel. The washing of the ash and its filtration from the dead unwanted materials produces a clear or white milky water laden with salt. Then using evaporation, the white salts will eventually appear.

Calcine and Grind the ash until light grey or white. Calcine and Grind the ash until light grey or white.

Grinding the salt to smaller particles will help us achieve the whiter or light grey ash we desire for the lavender spagyric stone. The grinding will benefit when it comes to the water work as the smaller the particles, the better heat penetration and freeing up of that, which is unnecessary to our work. The work we undertake to realize the purified elements is always the same separating, cleansing, and re-combining. If we get these simple three concepts fixed in our minds, the work will always flow to the same outcome.

Wash the ash filter and evaporate for salts Wash the ash filter and evaporate for salts

For the lavender spagyric stone, water is an essential element. This water must be pure. Rainwater is perfect once distilled out to remove anything unwanted. And we will need a good store of this. We wash the ash. Let the ash settle and realize milky or clear water. This water should not be colored. If it is, it means we have not calcined for long enough. Or the heat was not intense enough. Seeing milky water means it's laden with water-soluble salt. If we see a golden or dirty color, it denotes unpure salts, and for the salts to be the best for the work, we want them as pure as possible.

When the salts are pure dry and store When the salts are pure dry and store

We strive for salt purity for the Lavender spagyric stone. This purification can take a lot of work, but it is well worth the effort. The Solve et Coagula separation, purification, and recombination of essentials are vital to all work in the herbal realm. While we are working to the strict protocols , we can meditate on what it means to be undertaking this work to the degree we do. We can meditate on calcination. We can imagine all that we do not need within our bodies, personality, or minds being burnt away through the fierce fire, the great cleanser of all. We can visualize the water washing away impurities from the body, mind, or soul. We can imagine recombining all the necessary things we need and want in our lives in a pristine new being—a being free from the illusions of perceived reality. We can imagine the phoenix in the fire or a moth turning from chrysalis to beautiful butterflies. This practice of meditation and visualization is, in part, the inner work. We marry the outer to the inner just like we marry the spirit and sulfurs to the salts.

The spirit of Lavender distilled to purity The spirit of Lavender distilled to purity Now the spirit purified the salts too. We can work towards their rwecombination.

Now the spirit is purified and the salts also. The recombination stage comes next. This recombining of elements is termed a wedding in the lab work. The wedding is a crucial stage of Spagyric Alchemical work. The lavender spagyric stonework has opened us up to separation, purification, and now recombination. We have covered much ground and have learned many valuable lessons. We adopted visualization and meditation to project the outer to the inner and vice versa.

Imbibe the salts with Spirit and volatile sulphur Imbibe the salts with Spirit and volatile sulphur

Lavender spagyric stone needs the three essentials combined to realize the culmination of our previous work. We imbibe on an auspicious astrological timing. We are to imbibe first with the spirit and then the sulfur on alternate months. We only add enough to moisten the Salts. We do not drown it. Should we add too much and soak our stone, we recalcine and start over. We place the stone back in the incubator after each imbibing. Over the month, the salts soak up the spirit and the sulfur.We may see a color change in our matter; this is ok and a good sign. When these stages are complete, and the stone will accept no more volatiles, we must fix our stone. Through gentle heat, we achieve fusing. The fusing of the essentials is the sacred marriage or union. Excess moisture evaporates away; hence The stone should harden. It may change color again.

Leave in the warmth to marry the essentials Leave in the warmth to marry the essentials

We can work with the Lavender spagyric stone in different ways at this stage. For mine, I imbibed initially in a wide-necked flask. I placed the lid back on and left it to marry under candle heat in a sand bath for one month. Red patches began to appear as imbibed with the essential oil. These patches increased in size. After some months, I transferred mine into a retort. I gently heated until no more volatile came over the helm of the retort.

Colour changes may occur in the Lavender spagyric stone Colour changes may occur in the Lavender spagyric stone

After some months, I felt my lavender spagyric stone was ready to be removed. I had already left it to dry a little, and it had turned a deeper red. I moved the stone to a retort so I could remove excess moisture.

Lavender Spagyric stone in retort

Lavender Spagyric stone in retort After some months, I felt my lavender spagyric stone was ready to be removed from the vessel. I had already let it dry a little, and it had turned a deeper red. It did need more excess moisture removal, however. I moved the stone into a retort so I could remove this excess.

Lavender Spagyric stone after more calcination and imbibing Lavender Spagyric stone after completion of imbibing and drying

My Lavender spagyric plant stone is dried. Although we cannot see on the images, the stone evaporated to red moisture in my hand. So if we do not wish this to occur, I suggest a sealed vessel will stop its interaction with the environment. Suitable salts I have found always attract the celestial moisture, which contains a secret fire. I will speak more on this in another post. The alteration from the atmosphere working upon the salt's sulfur matrix will afford us an Elixir, a much revered herbal medicine.

Finished spagyric plant stone Finished spagyric-plant-stone

The Spagyric stone is " basic," which means the simple version. Several years of imbibing with the spirit and its volatile sulfurs. The essential Spagyric stone is good medicine. We take it with a glass of wine or good water. I will continue imbibing this and calcination until I feel it is ready. I will eventually aim to make glass out of this stone; it will carry the energy from all the imbibitions and calcinations and be very energetic to Lavender. I have witnessed this Spagyric stone of Lavender go through several color changes, including red and blues, citrine. I have more to share on this work in a future post.

Finished spagyric plant stone Lavender spagyric stone more calcination & imbibing

Finished spagyric plant stone

Two years on Lavender Spagyric plant stone

Finished spagyric plant stone

Lavender plant stone sulphur spirit imbibed salts

Finished spagyric plant stone

In a future posty I will share my views on Lavender plant stone utilising Sun and Moon.