Essence of Rosemary. A plant herbal work.

The herb Rosemary is a very common herb found in our gardens.
In this post I share with you some of the ways I worked with the Rosemary herb
The Rosemary Essence a solar working.

Spagyrics Essence of Rosemary. Solar herbs for health

This was a long work over a few years and is still evolving to this day. I picked the solar herb from the garden on an appropriate astrological timing. We can use a Sunday ( solar day ) and the solar hour incorporating the Moon to assist us.
Rosemary benefits on the physical level include : Spiritual growthEx-halted in Aries: Enhances the functions of memory and concentration..Helps longevity of all vital functions. Apparently its has Cancer fighting properties too. Being a solar herb rules Leo Strength its good for the heart and cardiac system. Spine and central nervous system in general. A beautiful herb for sure. Some correspondences are fire, yellow or red. Radiating, cyclical. Gold, volatile sulphurs