Dandelion for health and wealth

Dandelion herb for health and vitality

The Dandelion herb for health and vitality is our ally and medicinal friend. When spring presents her smiling face, these natural organic helpers are busy working away to show themselves and brighten the receding wintery days. Glowing like golden Sun disks, they communicate the coming end of the dark and cold hibernation period, signalling the initiation of a new cycle of rejuvenation and growth. The stagnant, lifeless, dull winter months now give way to an eruption of internal fire. Like millions of tiny Solar disks, the dandelion begins to awaken. The Dandelion is always in the front of the race to get its radiant flowers in full bloom enveloping the early spring rays. Having a relationship to the fire element “hence it's bright yellow flower heads “. This driving energy makes perfect sense in dandelions ability to flush and dissociate toxins from the body, Loosening dormant accumulations and flushing them from the body—mobilisation of new forces utilising awakened spring-time energies. Factor in the herbs ability to re-energise stagnant channels and associated waste, and we have a powerful herbal friend on our doorstep.
The dandelion is tough to control for those who do not regard them as of medicinal value. If not rooted in very loose soil, it's common for the root to snap, encouraging new growth. The taproot penetrating deep into the substrate makes it almost impossible to uproot the entire core in one piece. These properties are a good sign of a significant factor for the herbalist to correspond its nature to long-term stubborn health issues—a sure sign of strength and resilience to survive to perpetuate its existence in adverse conditions. Dandelion is the medicine the herbalist/healer needs in their armoury. I have worked with Dandelion on several occasions and can attest to its ability to cleanse and purify. Re-vivifying the body, profoundly cleansing and nurturing. A herbal ally from natures armoury.
Disclaimer: The research here is for informational purposes only.

Constitutional differences from person to person can significantly affect the interaction of a herb and the body. Consult a medical professional before using any advice from this page.

Dandelion ... Taraxacum Officinalis
Some key actions on the body

    ..Bitters have the best effect on the liver. Bitters are cooling. Dandelion root may be used as a detoxifying herb for the liver. They are increasing the livers bile production and the gall bladder bile secretion. It works by aiding the elimination of toxins. For those not aware of the liver's central role in the body, it's in removing toxins and regulating metabolic processes. We can appreciate that adequate support of the liver is needed more than ever in these times of excess and overindulgence, pollution and poisoning.
    Investigations were conducted in 2017 researching the effects of water-soluble polysaccharides from dandelion root (DRP). Some of the findings are noted here Conclusions demonstrated it's use in preventing liver injury. Source:Prevention of liver injury


    Processing what we intake into the body. Metabolism ultimately breaks down food with chemicals. Preparing food for redistribution so cells can use it to power themselves. The liver has so many functions but briefly it converts and stores nutrients for supply to cells. It prepares toxins and renders them harmless so they can be eliminated. The toxins absorbed into the body through pollution, chemicals etc all need to be worked on.
    Unhealthy foods and drinks damaged intestinal flora all good reasons to consider. Dandelion as a supportive ally to digestive health in it's role to detoxify and eliminate.


    Dandelion leaves are an excellent herbal diuretic. A diuretic increases the secretion of water from the body. There are several types and so each one does this action in a slightly different way. Pharmaceutical diuretics promote the body to lose potassium in the urine. Interestingly Dandelions leaves restore the lost potassium so acting quite differently.


    Dandelion also has a correspondence associated with fire element. The fire element is a warming heating element. Heat gets stagnant and dormant elements in the liver moving and re-circulating the essentials. This warming has a stimulating and tonifying effect. Clearing obstructions and eliminating toxins in the blood.

    Immune System Synthesis of Nitric oxide by cells involved in inflammation and immunity. Using type-2 isoform of nitric oxide synthase as an important defence mechanism against virus's and other infectious organisms. In a study by the US national Library of Medicine. It was concluded that compounds in Dandelion inhibit cellular invasion by virus's. Study's revealed that mice dosed with cadmium to inhibit the effects of Nitric oxide an important immune defence regulator. A water soluble extract of Dandelion overcame the inhibiting effects therefore supporting immune defence regulation..
    See article here .. Immune defence Regulation

    Vitamins and Minerals Dandelion leaf contains high levels of A,B,C,D, vitamins. Choline grouped as a B vitamin is involved in normal liver function. Flavonoids, polysaccharides, and a host of minerals including sodium magnesium, silicon, zinc, potassium, iron, manganese, copper, chlorine, and calcium.

    Rheumatoid Arthritis As a remedy to ease the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis an infusion of Celery seed and Dandelion Root according to Lesley bremnass" the complete boof of herbs: A practical to growing and using herbs P248 ".

    Cholesterol Whilst their is no hard and fast evidence to support the idea that Dandelion may play a useful role in the reduction of cholesterol, one study suggests it may help in animals. The US national library of medicine contains an article investigating the antioxidant effects of Dandelion on rabbits fed a high Cholesterol diet.The research conclusion states that atherosclerosis was reduced by a reduction in oxidative stress and that Dandelion was the beneficial ingredient involved. Dandelion may therefore lower cholesterol in humans although more research into this is needed. Cholesterol fed rabbits article

    Other common uses for Dandelions

    Did you know Dandelions can be used to make wine How to make Dandelion wine

    Dandelions have been used to make a homemade wine for hundreds of years. Along with many other herbs and natural ingredients hops, Nettles, rose-hips, Elderberries and brambles. Making homemade wine is very easy. Once a couple of batches have been completed successfully you will appreciate the simplicity. Whilst its easier to get kits and they can make a quicker beverage. Getting out in the fresh air and interacting with nature can never be underestimated. Especially for city dwellers. So here's a simple breakdown of one method

    Method to make Dandelion wine
  • 1-Gather A good bucketful of Dandelions
  • 2-Wash leaves
  • 3-Sterilise equipment
  • 4-Place Dandelions in fermentation vessel
  • 5-Place boiling water over leaves and add sugar. Roughly 1kg for 6 litre of wine.
  • 6-Add 1 tsp of citric acid
  • 7-Add 1tsp yeast nutrient
  • 8-Add 1tsp Pectic Enzyme
  • 9-Let liquid cool
  • 10-Add yeast
  • 11-Place somewhere warm 24c is good
  • 12-When complete place somewhere cool
  • 13-Get a wine clearing agent, cambden tablets and follow instructions on items
  • 14-One can use a filter system as it will make the wine clearer
  • 15-Leave the wine for a few months to mature
  • 16-Bottle and enjoy
  • A note if working with SpagyricsIf at all possible always use Astrology in the workings. If not Astrology then try to work by the moon. I will be doing a specific post on this and on making wine at a later date. So stay tuned in.

    Dandelion as a food

    Foragers understand the benefits of good food in a crisis situation, some even live this art the main part of their daily diet. Season permitting. Countless books state Dandelions as a valuable source of nutrients, vitamin's and minerals. Dandelions leaves are also eaten in salads, sauteed, steamed or fried. Dandelion ice cream and dandelion jelly are supposed to be nourishing too.
    See here: recipe for Dandelion ice-cream Hangover

    Had too many cocktails at that party last night ?. Well it may interest you to know Dandelion stands as a good contender as a hangover support. Dandelions cleansing action on the liver could be considered as an alternative before ibuprofen and the like. Consider crushed dandelion seeped in boiling water to make a hydrating, refreshing liver tonic. Cushioning those Sunday morning blues. Maybe try it with lemon or honey or both.

    Dandelion tea Hangover cure

    Dandelion Tea hangover cure

    Emollient Dandelion also includes an emollient which may soften the skin and aid older mature skin types. Folklore believed in the medicinal power of Dandelion on dry skin types to rejuvenate and refresh. Whilst their is no evidence for this claim
    In 2015 a study conducted by Hindawi Source:Skin Oxidative stress in disease and ageing It was concluded Dandelion did exhibit healing effects helping skin protect itself from damaging solar UV radiation. Dandelion extracts using the flower or the leaf it was found worked best and significantly protected the skin.
A scatter of herbal actions of Dandelion herb
dandelion for good health and well being

Holistic herbalists see planetary influences as important for diagnosis.

It is thought the yellow leaves correspond to the manipur chakra. This manipura chakra corresponds to the liver. It's planets Sun and Mars make sense being a fire sign.
Arrows of Sagittarius someone commented to me on social media today. The seeds heads are like little arrows. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Correspondancesa again. Food for thought.

dandelion for good health and well being

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Mainstream medicine frowns upon any alternatives than those practiced in the medical colleges. In days of old a Doctor was also a skilled astrologer. It all may seem a little bit mystical and above our heads " pardon the pun " to consider the influence of the planets. Big rotating balls of gas and rock high in the celestial theatre as having any link at all to matters here good old planet earth ".
In another post I will explore these ideas further. For now a little box of what are called correspondence's, links to the body and the planets and elements that are rarely discussed. For further investigation if one wishes.

dandelion for good health and well being

Did you know ..
Yes .. Indeed Dandelions can be used to make a pulp and then made into a paper ...The cellulose in the plants is used as the raw material for paper. It's a long and in depth process. So maybe it might be best to use recycled paper and add dandelions to the mulch and take the easier route...
You have heard correctly .. The dandelion root can be harvested washed then dried and makes an excellent substitute for coffee. Minus the caffeine of course. It is available inexpensively from health food stores so can be obtained all year around ...Grind and use as one would normal coffee and adjust to taste.
I found the best route was through a red wine vinegar solvent. This can be made at home or store bought works just as well. Look at our post on tinctures to get all the advice. We will be adding a post on Dandelion tincture very soon. One can also use alcohol to tincture. A mix of alcohol and water 50/50 also works well.