Herbal remedies blog

Herbal Remedies, simple tinctures, Incense and more...

Tinctures are the simplest expression of working with herbs. Moving to essences, elixirs then on. Some take a lot of work in the lab. Tinctures lack the full spectrum of the herbs potential. Essences on the other hand with the working and addition of the salts "body" aspect take the method to another level. The volatile salts it is said carry the medicine to the fourth digestion ... Pages of work with herbs, wholesome food. From simple tinctures " non spagyric " to vinegar concoctions essential oils, Incense and much more. This area will be a general collection of interesting holistic influences....

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Spagyrics Alchemy Labwork

Spagyrics lab work and experiments

Moving from the basic tinctures. We open the workings to higher possibilities in the lab. Essences, elixirs Magestaries and simple stones. Some of these processes take a lot of work. Other not so much. A variation of paths are also possible to get to our finished matter. Which you follow is a matter of personal preference. I hope to experiment in one way or another them all over the course of time. So I will use this space to share a selection of that work. Experiments, investigations into Spagyrics / Alchemy.

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Fire Cider

Spagyric Alchemy Principles & Theory

What do spagyric operators mean when we say the Salt, Spirit and Sulphur in the spagyric philosophy / laboratory work. Is it in fact true lab workers break down matter and find three essential principles. What is the end goal in re-combining these three and after that point, what then. If we take a living being " a plant " break it down and recombine it, essentially what have done ?
These are the questions I'll explore in greater depth. See if we can find some answers ...and much more.....

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Astrology connected to herbs and spagyrics

Astrology principles connected to Spagyrics

Astrology is a complex subject. It takes a lot of work study and practice to understand the terms and make sense of them. We need to relate the philosophy to our laboratory workings / lives. That said Spagyrics can get by with understanding the basics. Even if that means we learn the hours, days and signs connected to the work. Grasp a basic knowledge of how these ideas and principles fit in and why.
It is enough then from this basic understanding, for us to tie it all together and use it effectively, in the laboratory work.

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Good books on Spagyrics

Reading material, books, websites blog.

General Spagyric / Alchemical articles. Spirituality and other sharings. Authors, Books, teachers, websites, courses and much more. The wealth of Spagyric and Alchemical literature accessible is huge. Beginning this work. Deep in the labyrinth or just realising a fleeting interest. There should be something in this area to benefit all stages...

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laboratory equipment tools

Lab gear. Things were going to need.

We don't need fancy lab gear. However to get serious into Spagyrics/Alchemy were are going to need equipment, lots of equipment. Lab gear isn't cheap this area will help you with advice and tips for the essential Spagyric / Alchemy lab equipment one will need. It will also delve into the basic elements we need like good quality water. Salts, spirits etc...

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herb informnation gallery

Information on herbs. Beginning the journey.

The beginner in spagyrics lab work will usually start with the herbal realm. The work with herbs is more forgiving of mistakes. Herbs are easily accessible therefore suitable for the novice and obtained at little cost. From common weeds to exotic botanicals it would be wise to master working this realm, before moving on to more complex experiments. I'll endeavour to pull information together on herbs.. Actions, uses, good choices not so good choices ..

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