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What are herbal Essences & why should we make them?

I wish to invite the reader to share my lab work posts. I will introduce the reader to plant herbal remedies, namely, plant herb essences and much more. I want to share my methods on both a practical and spiritual level. Share with you my investigations and what I have found along my journey working with the following methods.
Herbal Essences are not the same as herbal tinctures because they lack one key ingredient. They lack the addition of the salt principle in their manufacture. While they may have beneficial effects on our health, this effect is diminished considerably by lacking the three ingredients needed.Many herbalists only make partly effective herbal remedies and choose not to add the third essential. I think these herbalists miss out on the effectiveness of their creations. A full-spectrum herbal essence must have all three essentials processed by Arte, leading to a more potent remedy to combat physical and spiritual health problems. Full-spectrum herbal essences that include all three essentials work on a much deeper level within the body's constitution. Essences created using the herbal plant philosophy of Solve et Coagula, the separation and recombination of elements work on a deeper level of healing. If created using astrology as I do in my work, they can also become potent spiritual planetary doorways and a great assistant to spiritual development. In the following page's I invite the reader into my world. To share how I engage in this Arte. To open my world and how I work in my lab. My ideas and my journey on the Great Work itself.
I make no claims to being a Teacher, Great Philosopher, or a Mage. I do feel I am sincere in my exploration and journey.
Welcome to my world
Solve Et Coagula.